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about bug#232: 25.0.92; cua-mode inhibits deactivate-region-hook

From: Thomas Frössman
Subject: about bug#232: 25.0.92; cua-mode inhibits deactivate-region-hook
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 11:47:44 +0200

First I'm not sure if you prefer me to post to the bug or the mailing list so please tell me if I should restrict myself to the bugs list instead..

Anyway, I think that it's an actual bug with cua-mode or something because the deactivate-mark-hook isn't fired when the region is removed, repeated pressing of C-g doesn't fire it either.
It's also a consistent behavior, when cua-mode is active the deactivate-mark hook is not fired

(by using git blame) I noticed that there was a change in September last year or something which modifies some bits about how cua-mode handles the mark.

Please tell me if I'm wrong or if there is some additional digging I should do to further diagnose this issue.. 

Thomas Frössman

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