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Re: vc-state and unregistered

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: vc-state and unregistered
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 00:11:23 +0300
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Hi Michael,

On 04/18/2016 05:55 PM, Michael Albinus wrote:

I've checked a little bit more. If we use nil instead of unregistered as
result from vc-state, we cannot use file properties for this function
anymore. nil is meant as "no property set". This would be a regression.

Regression how? We already do exactly that: return `nil' in vc-state to mean "unregistered or unknown", and have been doing this for a while.

This is not a significant problem, for two reasons:

- The "unregistered" status is tracked by a different property: unregistered files have no backend associated with them. vc-registered stores `none' as the value of the file's backend in this case. So we don't have vc-git-registered called again and again, even for unregistered files.

- If the above scheme is deemed insufficient, we could use the same approach for the `vc-state' property.

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