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Re: gpg encryption warning

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: gpg encryption warning
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 11:15:21 +0200

> Hi Martin,

Hi Colin,

> I don't fully understand what you mean - I'm a newbe, sorry. If I call
> the command epa-encrypt-file (either via M-x or the tools ->
> Encryption/Decryption menu) I'm presented with a Keys buffer asking me
> to select recipients for encryption. I want to do symmetric encryption
> so I select no one and click the OK button with my mouse. At this point
> I get the "mouse-minibuffer-check" warning in the Message buffer, and a
> password prompt in the echo buffer. If I wish, I can then ignore the
> warning and enter a password and proceed as normal. However, emacs-24.5
> does not give any warnings at all when an identical procedure is followed.
> Let me know if I can do anything else in order to provide perhaps more
> useful information.

Our aim will be to fix this unless someone else beats us to it.  This
bug is apparently not common and maybe caused by your setup.  So hardly
anyone will care.

The first step is to determine the call chain for this error.  In the
'Options' menu select 'Enter Debugger on Error' and try to repeat your
scenario (I hope it is fairly deterministic).  This should pop up a
buffer with the backtrace.  Send me this information.  Normally we
should do this on the list but let's postpone that until we either have
a fix or we are stuck with a good recipe of how to reproduce the bug.


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