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Re: A vision for multiple major modes: some design notes

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: A vision for multiple major modes: some design notes
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 05:22:07 -0400

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  > I think Bison and Lex are somewhat special cases; they each divide a
  > file into three sections of equal status, rather than there being a
  > containing mode and sections contained within it.

You may be right that this kind of case is less common,
but the system should still handle it.

  > A workaround for this would be to have the first section being the
  > "super mode" and containing the second and third sections.  The
  > delimiter "%%" between sections 2 and 3 has space to hold both an island
  > close and an island open, despite what you say about this being
  > artificial, etc.

That could work, but I think it would be cleaner if "island separator"
were allowed too.

  >   I don't see there would be an absolute need for there
  > to be a "close island" mark at the end of the buffer.

I don't either.  I just thought the design required one.
If it doesn't, that is fine with me.

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