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Re: GNU ELPA build status?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: GNU ELPA build status?
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 08:16:05 -0400
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> I've pushed an update to GNU ELPA, renaming swiper-0.7.0 -> ivy-0.8.0.
> However, http://elpa.gnu.org/packages/ hasn't been updated yet, even
> though it has been more than 20 hours.

It can take up to 24h (and more in case of errors).
It's there now, and there wasn't any error, so I guess it simply fell
into the "more than 20h yet less than 24h" window.

> MELPA has this nice feature where it displays e.g. "Current build
> started: 3 hours ago, last took 6 hours" on the website. Could GELPA
> have something similar?

Some "internal status" report would be good, yes.

> I've followed the notes in ELPA's README, and built the local package
> archive. That took almost no time. Perhaps we could modify the cron job
> to trigger more often?

Good idea.  I've just changed it to run every 12h.

Even better would be for elpa.gnu.org to receive the commit-diffs
emails, and to only rebuild those packages that have seen changes, so it
can be done "immediately".  This would both be faster and more efficient.

> May I have access to this machine so that I can trigger the manual build
> when I need?

I'd rather limit the access to those who administer the machine or
work on the build scripts.  Your needs really apply to most GNU ELPA
contributors, so if we give it to you, we'd also have to give it to
all others, or almost.


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