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Request to put three bug fixes into Emacs 25.

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Request to put three bug fixes into Emacs 25.
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:52:08 +0000
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Hello, John.

There're three last minute bug fixes I'd like to put into Emacs 25, for
the reasons given:

1. Bug #23347 25.0.92; Follow mode scrolling broken -- scrolls only one

Fixing this bug would prevent a change to UI: traditionally in Follow
Mode, follow-scroll-up and follow-scroll-down scroll the number of lines
equivalent to all the windows displaying the current buffer.  In
emacs-25, this has changed to only scrolling by the height of the current
window.  The fix to #23347 restores the traditional functionality of
these two functions, introducing new names for what follow-scroll-up/down
currently do.

The fix has been checked by Anders Lindgren, the submitter of the bug and
original author of Follow Mode.

2. Bug #23312 25.0.92; C++: Incorrect indentation of enum values inside a

This was also reported by Anders.  The bug is that in C++ Mode, a piece
of code like the following,

class MyClass
  enum Id
      kBeta     // Incorrect indentation.

, gets misindented.  This happened because a previous enhancement (for
enums with explicit type) didn't check the context of a colon
sufficiently rigorously.  The misindentation happens when "enum" directly
follows a protection keyword plus colon (like "public:").  This is going
to happen very often, and not fixing this bug would cause a lot of

3. Bug #23308 25.0.92; angle brackects in #include breaks syntax-ppss

This was reported by Mohammed Sadik.  Here, in C Mode (etc.), the text
properties marking the "parenthesis nature" of the angle brackets in a

    #include <stdio.h>

are unbalanced, throwing the syntactic analysis out.  This was caused by
an unfortunate attempt to fix another bug some while ago (I do not know
its number offhand).  That other bug has since been completely fixed
properly by another change.  The fix to bug #23308 is to revert that
earlier change, and is a simple 1-line fix.  The consequences of not
fixing this bug are unknown, but could well be interference with the
proper working of some of the newer facilities (like electric-pair-mode)
which depend on correct syntactic analysis.

So, may I put these fixes into Emacs 25?


Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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