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Re: Volunteers to implement test for stuff called at startup?

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: Volunteers to implement test for stuff called at startup?
Date: Mon, 02 May 2016 15:44:24 +0000

The most efficient method is to debug this in C.  By limiting yourself
to Lisp, you are unnecessarily making your job much harder and wasting
your time on something that is very easy to do using GDB.  Time to
cross that bridge, perhaps?  Here are the instructions in case you
decide to do it:

Just set a breakpoint in Fsignal, and when it breaks, type "bt" to
display the backtrace.  Start GDB from the src directory, so it will
display both C and Lisp backtrace when you type that command.

Additional info is in etc/DEBUG.

Thanks! Looks like I will need to cross that bridge eventually. For this problem though, the source is identified, but I wished that error gave a direct pointer (see below).
What improvement did you have in mind?  The error message generally
means the stream from which the Emacs reader was reading hit EOF.

As someone reported in a Melpa github issue, the problem is that the Melpa archive-contents ( http://melpa.org/packages/archive-contents ) is corrupted (as of writing this).

If the above problem is fixed at the time of viewing this email, this is what archive-contents ended with: 

https://github.com/cosmicexplorer/cloc-emacs") (:keywords "cloc" "count" "source" "code" "lines"))]) (clmemo . [(20160326 923) nil "Change Log MEMO" tar ((:url . "https://github.com/ataka/clmemo") (:keywords "convenience"))]) (cljsbuild-mode . [(20160402 1000) nil "A minor mode for the ClojureScript 'lein cljsbuild' command" single ((:url . "http://github.com/kototama/cljsbuild-mode") (:keywords "clojure" "clojurescript" "leiningen" "compilation"))]) (cljr-helm . [(20150425 1307) ((clj-refactor (0 13 0)) (helm (1 5 6))) "Wraps clojure refactor commands with helm" single ((:url . "https://github.com/philjackson/cljr-he

So the improvement request is if it's possible for emacs to print the path to the offending file so that, in this case, the error would directly tell that EOF error was found in archive-contents downloaded from Melpa.

Kaushal Modi

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