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Re: Seeking a "Patch Champion"

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Seeking a "Patch Champion"
Date: Tue, 03 May 2016 09:58:57 +0200
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John Wiegley <address@hidden> writes:

> Lars, can you extend debbugs to scan for patches that aren't mentioned by
> having [PATCH] in the subject line, both for attachments and for inline
> patches?

M-x debbugs-gnu-search <RET> [RX] ^@@ <RET> package <RET> emacs <RET> <RET>

This returns you all Emacs bugs which have message containing a patch
line starting with "@@". Unfortunately, it returns *all* bugs, even the
closed and/or archived ones (2789 as of today). This is unfortune. You
could filter out the closed bugs by typing "x" (351 bugs are left), but
this is bad wrt performance and load on the debbugs server.

The debbugs interface offers also the attribute "status" with the value
"open", which should discriminate the results to still active bugs. That
doesn't seem to work. Will investigate what's up.

If the interactive command shown above looks useful, I could provide a
function doing the same.

Best regards, Michael.

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