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Sending bug reports without setting up email

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Sending bug reports without setting up email
Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 15:50:28 +0200
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We discussed this before, and talked about web forms etc, but it
occurred to me tonight (while trying to fall asleep) how easy it would
be just to use smtpmail.el:

If Emacs detects that email hasn't been configured when trying to send a
bug report, Emacs could just contact the MX for debbugs.gnu.org directly
and submit the report.

Now, that MX ((which happens to be "debbugs.gnu.org") only listens at
port 25, and some ISPs block outgoing traffic to port 25, so it wouldn't
always work.  Is there any chance that we could have that Exim instance
listen on port 587, too?  (The mail submission port.)

In that case, `C-c C-c' when sending the bug report would

1) If mail is set up, just send normally
2) If not, see whether it can talk to 25/587 on the MX
2b) If there is no good "from" address, ask the user what their email
address is
3) If it can't talk to the MX, continue as now with setting up the mail

I think this would be a nice improvement in the usability of the bug
reporting system...

To look up the MX in a reliable, and non-hardcoded manner, it would be
nice if we could use dns.el.  Would anybody mind if I create a C
interface function to return nsaddr_list (from res_init) to Lisp?

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