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Re: #17555 24.4.50; 'mark-paragraph' does not allow extending the region

From: Simon Friis Vindum
Subject: Re: #17555 24.4.50; 'mark-paragraph' does not allow extending the region backwards
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 16:32:02 +0200

This small patch fixes the bug #17555. This increases the consistency
of `mark-paragraph` with `mark-word` and `mark-sexp`.

Currently "C-- M-h M-h" will end up selecting nothing since repeating
`mark-paragraph` always expands forwards even if `mark-paragraph` was
initially invoked with a negative prefix argument.

This is my first patch to Emacs. I have not signed the papers
assigning copyright to FSF. I would like to do so but I cannot figure
out how to.

Kind regards
Simon Friis Vindum

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