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Re: debbugs-gnu-bugs shows unanswered bugs as handled

From: Tino Calancha
Subject: Re: debbugs-gnu-bugs shows unanswered bugs as handled
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2016 23:50:34 +0900 (JST)
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for this. I've committed it to the ELPA repo. There are some few
other points on my debbugs todo list; will fix them over the
weekend. After this, debbugs 0.9.6 will be released.
Thank you very much. This is going to be useful to avoid adding
extra delay on the time to process a bug.

That's not possible. `debbugs-get-status' retrieves all information via
the Debbugs SOAP interface which are available, see its docstring.
Extending the SOAP interface this way is out of our scope, I fear. And
it would also decrease the performance.
Hummm, i see :-(
Yeah, i agree this package is working very nice. It's good to keep it as it is avoiding overloads in the server.

could check the attributes also in the *Emacs Bugs* buffer, typing "d"
(à la "debug") over a bug.
Thank you, i wasn't aware of this.  It's handy.
It could help to solve the second problem that i reported
(OP sending 2 e-mails, and the bug is classified as handled regarless on if there is any other person answering: e.g. Bug#23694)
without the need to add a new attribute.

This is my point.
I am sorry if the following has no sense at all: I am not really
familiar with how the bug attributes are filled.

I see that _whenever_ one bug is solved, the attribute 'done gets as value
the name of the maintainer who handled the issue.

Unfortunately, i don't see that the field 'owner gets always a value.
AFAICT it never gets a value.  Why this field is not always updated?

If each time that one maintainer answer one bug, the field
'owner would be updated (adding get his/her name if still not there)
then it would be trivial to classify one bug as 'new or 'handled.

Wouldn't be ok if 'owner gets as value one list of maintaneirs?
I would suggest the value of 'owner to be all the maintainers
answering such bug.
Actually, often more than 1 maintaneir answer the same bug.
The 'done field would keep the same as currently: the name of the
maintaneir making the commit to the repository.

If so, it  would not be a problem any more if just the OP send 2 e-mails:

as far as there is no value for 'owner then the bug would not be handled yet.
Currently, this cannot be done now because 'owner is not systematically filled with a value.

Of course, if the OP is a person with commit rights in the
repository he/she could be the OP and the owner at the same time:
he/she would be handling his/her own bug report.



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