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2 release blocking bugs left for 25.1!

From: John Wiegley
Subject: 2 release blocking bugs left for 25.1!
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 09:54:11 -0700
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Hello all,

Next week marks the artificial date we'd hoped to have 25.1 ready by -- June
21 -- and it looks like we're very close to being ready for a release
candidate on that date. Debbugs shows me just two blockers left:

  23760 emacs 25.0.95 doesn't build with glibc-2.23.90
  23705 Upper-case abbrev expansion doesn't work with subword-mode enabled

I've also not seen a crash on my system with NS in the past month and a half
(built with -O3 and object checking disabled).

Once we get these remaining bugs closed, and if Eli agrees, I'd like to ask
Nicolas to cut the first release candidate for 25.1. If that candidate can
survive in the wild for a few weeks without generating any new blocking bugs,
I think we may have our release!

John Wiegley                  GPG fingerprint = 4710 CF98 AF9B 327B B80F
http://newartisans.com                          60E1 46C4 BD1A 7AC1 4BA2

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