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Re: imgur.el and small packages to interface with commercial services

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: imgur.el and small packages to interface with commercial services
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:03:38 -0400

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  > As I was saying, I think the package name and call interface should not
  > contain "imgur" but rather that should be a symbol meaningful to the
  > package. So instead of:

  >     (defun imgur-upload-image (image &optional datap)  
  >     "Upload IMAGE to imgur and return the resulting imgur URL. [...]

  > We'd have:

  >     (defun larsuploader-upload-image (image service &optional datap)  
  >     "Upload IMAGE to SERVICE and return the resulting URL. [...]

I think the first name is better, because it relates to the job the
program does, so users will remember it.  "larsuploader" has nothing
to do with the job, so it is an arbitrary obstacle to memory.  I can't
see that it does any good.

  > ...which can then support Imgur and the *hundreds* of others out there.

Each site will be different, so there is no benefit in implementing
them together.

We could provide an overall interface called 'upload-image'
which would ask you which site and then call its uploader.

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