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Re: [elpa] excorporate.el:257:23:Error: Wrong type argument: listp, star

From: Mario Lang
Subject: Re: [elpa] excorporate.el:257:23:Error: Wrong type argument: listp, start-exco--fsm
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 15:08:32 +0200
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Thomas Fitzsimmons <address@hidden> writes:

> Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:
>> On 07/08/2016 12:56 PM, Mario Lang wrote:
>>> Am I the only one how sees this error when trying to build elpa?
>> No, I also see it, with a plain 'make' at the top level, using
>> emacs-25 Emacs, and compiling the current bleeding-edge ELPA (commit
>> a5d157b2e87427184f2c92a9b7bb9c99d6656aa1 dated June 30).That being
>> said, I am by no means an ELPA expert (I first tried to build it
>> today), and perhaps I am missing something too.
> I see it too.  If I build packages/fsm before building
> packages/excorporate (by temporarily moving the directory out of
> packages/), I don't get the error.

That seems to be it.  If I add the following line to the top-level
GNUMakefile, "make" manages to build excorporate.elc just fine (there are
other errors now, particularily with the rudel package).

packages/excorporate/excorporate.elc: packages/fsm/fsm.elc

So the problem seems to be that compilation order is relevant.  If fsm
is loaded uncompiled, it fails.

I wonder if this is consider a bug in fsm.el, or if we shall add the
above quick fix to the GNUMakefile.


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