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RE: Display-relative coordinates

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Display-relative coordinates
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 13:20:57 -0700 (PDT)

>  > What are the problems you see with the above (except that 'tp' is a
>  > void variable)?  It looks OK to me, modulo the kludges in
>  > top-fudge-pixels (why not use frame-geometry, which exists for that
>  > purpose?).
> FWIW ‘window-inside-absolute-pixel-edges’ didn't work on Windows before
> Emacs 25.  On Emacs 25 ‘window-absolute-pixel-position’ is all that's
> needed.

I see.  See my reply to Eli too, however.  In the example I gave using
an Emacs 25 build (not very recent) it returned good results, but
`posn-at-point' seemed to be off.

Anyway, I'm glad to see `window-absolute-pixel-position' and `frame-geometry'.

It would still be useful, I think, to have a function that returns
directly the screen-relative pixel coordinates (i.e., even though
that can be got using `window-absolute-pixel-position' and

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