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Re: Minor doc improvement in nt/INSTALL.W64

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: Minor doc improvement in nt/INSTALL.W64
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 12:17:59 +0300
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Since we're talking about Windows here, forcing people to use somewhat new version of git there is not that bad. That said, I don't think that those commands(config, rm and reset) work differently even in much older versions of git. If they do, it's a bug in those versions.

Automatic line ending conversions by default is really a great feature of git. For comparison, in hg you have to explicitly enable an extension for that. Then, when you enabled that extension, those people who did not, can still commit to your repo and screw your line endings. So, the problem case here - someone builds Emacs, touches his global gitconfig, then commits to some other project and screws up line endings there. It's not something that's "really wrong", just moderately, but fixing instructions is pretty easy.

Due to those reasons, I believe if we want to suggest one way of doing things, config-rm-reset is the one we want to use. But again, it's your call.

Best Regards,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

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