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Can't figure out how to create a tabulated-list-mode with visible conten

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Can't figure out how to create a tabulated-list-mode with visible content
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2016 04:11:29 +0200
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I tried to upgrade my few kodi-remote functions to a basic major
mode. Primary to control kodi like you would do with a usb-keyboard but
over network within emacs.

So the basic stuff works so far, you can navigate start/pause/stop
delete a selected file and some stuff like that, with the standart
keyboard configuration.

I did not include it in melpa so far, but its in my github:


the problem is, in this form it only creates a empty special buffer,
which has setup the right keybindings and sends them to the kodi
instance but doesnt show anything.

I am not shure how you can print something into that read-only buffer, I
then thought next logical step besides a remote-keyboard would be to
list movies and series and stuff like that, and tabulated-list-mode
would make probably sense for that.

I looked into the codes of other list modes like transmission or proced,
but they are pretty complex.

So I looked up the official documentation and tried to make a minimal
implementation that dispals anything.

But I could not display it anything, here my attempt:

(define-derived-mode kodi-remote-mode tabulated-list-mode "kodi-remote"
  "Major mode for remote controlling kodi instance
Key bindings:
  ;; :group '
  ;; (setq-local line-move-visual nil)
  (setq tabulated-list-format [("choice" nil t)])
  (setq tabulated-list-entries (nil ["Series"]))

(defun kodi-remote ()
  "Open a `kodi-remote-mode' buffer."
  (let* ((name "*kodi-remote*")
         (buffer (or (get-buffer name)
                     (generate-new-buffer name))))
    (unless (eq buffer (current-buffer))
      (with-current-buffer buffer
        (unless (eq major-mode 'kodi-remote-mode)
          (condition-case e
             (kill-buffer buffer)
             (signal (car e) (cdr e))))))
      (switch-to-buffer-other-window buffer))))

what did I miss?

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