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Re: SIGTRAP in kill emulation on Windows

From: Alain Schneble
Subject: Re: SIGTRAP in kill emulation on Windows
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2016 16:36:45 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> From: Alain Schneble <address@hidden>
>> CC: <address@hidden>
>> Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:19:18 +0200
>> Alain Schneble <address@hidden> writes:
>> >>> But that's kind of irrelevant here I guess.  Where would be the best
>> >>> place to document this quirk (c, signal-process, info manual)?
>> >>
>> >> Actually, perhaps not even there.  In NEWS might be enough, I think.
>> >
>> > Ok, I'll arrange a new patch with that added to the NEWS entry.
>> Here is a new version of the patch with the additional comment in the
>> NEWS entry.
> Thanks, pushed to the master branch.

Thank you.


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