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Re: [PATCH] Enable customisation for electric-quote-mode chars

From: Göktuğ Kayaalp
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Enable customisation for electric-quote-mode chars
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 21:28:43 +0300

On 2016-10-09 20:57 -0700, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> How about the attached patches instead? The first one is yours with a
> ChangeLog entry; the second one contains some proposed minor fixups.

Hi Paul,

I'm totally fine with your modifications, though unfortunately I'm
unable to test until weekend.  One thing that can be improved is the
naming of the variables ‘l’ and ‘ll’ because with some fonts (most?)
they look terribly like numbers one and eleven (admittedly not all that
important though).  Maybe (q< q> q<< q>>) instead?

I'll be able to work on this in the weekend if need be.


İ. V. Göktuğ Kayaalp                           <http://www.gkayaalp.com>
                        PGP pubkey: <http://www.gkayaalp.com/pubkey.asc>

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