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Re: feature/integrated-elpa 4f6df43 15/23: README added

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: feature/integrated-elpa 4f6df43 15/23: README added
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2016 15:34:42 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii writes:
>> From: address@hidden (Phillip Lord)
>> > If a user installs Emacs from the tarball, and then wishes to use Org-mode
>> > From ELPA rather than the distribution, they'll do what they'd do today: 
>> > Use
>> > M-x package-install to install a newer version of Org-mode in their package
>> > directory, shadowing the Org-mode we included in the distribution.
>> Except that it doesn't. Try this. Take Emacs 24.3, M-x package-install
>> org. Now do, M-x load-library org-html. As you might expect org-html is
>> duly loaded.
> How is this relevant to the issue at hand, though?  If you want to
> solve this problem, all you need to is place all the ELPA directories
> in load-path ahead of the standard ones, that's all.

How do you suppose the autoload for the no longer existing org-html will
be excised from the autoloads file in the old Emacs?  This _never_
worked with the "built-in packages" (which never were packages in the
first place) and package.el was apparently created with the assumption
that Emacs either started to use the packaging system internally as well
or extend it with additional functionality to support "built-in
packages" in Emacs' style.  The same mistkae happens if an autoloaded
function is moved to a different file in the ELPA package.

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