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Re: Concurrency, again

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: Concurrency, again
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:20:28 +0200

Lars Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden> writes:

>> Sorry I go OT, but the question is, does ewb need some
>> Concurrency? I guess not really cause the javascript stuff is more a
>> pain than a gain for most cases in such environment.
> I'm assuming you're referring to eww, and it sure does need concurrency.
> Computing complicated layouts can be slow, and it would be nice if it
> could take without stopping the user from doing other things.

I would prefer to NOT compute/have the layouts at all and only extract
the data and then have client side a own interface, but you would need
to do that for every website seperatly sadly, cause html stinks and we
have no imap for websites/forums/blogs other standart formats. So it
will stay probably a wet dream from me.

Something like the proprietary tapatalk but for emacs and free. There
is the Shimbun module, sadly its in a pretty bad state and depends on
w3m. I would love something like that based on eww.


But as starting point some reformating and shortcuts for "next"
(qutebrowser has that) and emacs theming and maybe some macro editing of
websites which you could then maybe save and maybe run as website-hooks
would be pretty nice.

Anyway, you probable cant fix the web completly in a emacs client at
least the absurd processor requirements to transfer 99% text only (with
ads) and some mostly evil or at best pretty useless javascript blobs
that are 99% proprietary.

So therefor such concurrency may be still very important for eww I
guess. So go for it :)

On the locking front if we would have concurrency how would you end
background processes, some sort of proced for emacs processes? Would it
not be better for debugging a "hanging" or in this case a process that
never finish or at least take very long to?

You could probable even have a backlog how long different actions did
take and then look into the ones that took longer.

Theoreticaly that should be possible without concurency right? But it
would be easier to run that logger in the background?

Or does that emacs anyway and I did just not notice it so far?

btw even full fledged external browsers tend to hang/crash,
like conkeror and qutebroweser. Which if you use them inside emacs over
exwm, can make emacs hang and I belive even crash emacs.

So web is today a monster and if emacs could be used to hack around the
website to make them sane "again" it would be a blessing.

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