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Re: RFC: flicker-free double-buffered Emacs under X11

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: RFC: flicker-free double-buffered Emacs under X11
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 19:07:09 -0700
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Daniel Colascione wrote:

I've found the flickering while editing to be very machine-dependent....
I've found I can reliably reproduce the flickering by isearching for a
string that appears in a buffer only once, then leaning on C-s.

Weird. I can't reproduce the flickering problem on either Fedora 24 GTK x86-64 or Ubuntu 16.04.1 GTK x86-64, even though I tried your recipe. I wonder what's different about my platforms? Anyway, if the code is fixing a real problem on your platforms and doesn't cause trouble elsewhere, we should install it.

I'll feel more comfortable about removing the lisp interface (and so any
way for users to this the thing off) once we're sure it's not
causing problems.

Perhaps mark it as deprecated so that the user knows it might go away?

if we're C99-only anyway now, we might as well allow
C99 comments.

Maybe, but that would be a different topic, and should be addressed in a separate patch. For example, we might also need to change our C-reading programs.

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