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Re: Yanking as HTML

From: Yuri Khan
Subject: Re: Yanking as HTML
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2016 16:59:15 +0600

On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 5:43 PM, Lars Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden> wrote:

> (gui-get-selection 'CLIPBOARD 'TARGETS)
> Hm...  so it lacks the "text/html" target that xclip -o -t TARGETS
> lists?

Your xclip invocation targets the PRIMARY selection (by default) while
the elisp snippet examines CLIPBOARD. This might be a reason for the
difference you observe.

In my test, text/html was present and I was able to see it as an Emacs
propertized string containing HTML tags.

Note that, in general, it is impossible to correctly copy-paste styled
HTML between documents:

* If you paste only the HTML, half the users will complain that “what
you get” in the target document differs from “what you see” of the
source document.

* If you paste both the HTML and CSS of the source, you introduce a
non-local effect (HTML is pasted at point while CSS needs to be pasted
at a different location).

* In a misguided attempt to sidestep the issue above, some programs
parse the HTML and CSS and apply CSS as direct formatting (HTML
style="" attribute). At this point, the other half of the users
(myself included) will complain that direct formatting is evil and any
tool that produces such where there was none is broken.

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