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Re: Can we go GTK-only?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Can we go GTK-only?
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2016 17:42:18 -0400
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> I wonder if we should let them run their event loops, in their own threads,
> and separate that from the non-GUI events like subprocesses and timers, and
> from Lisp evaluation, as much as possible.  For that matter, some of the
> subprocess handling could probably use helper threads, like for TLS
> encryption and decryption work.

Ideally, yes, I definitely think we should split the Emacs process into
various threads:
- some threads for the GUI.
- one thread for the Elisp engine (which receives events from the GUI
  threads among others).

So the GUI thread would handle the expose events, read-locking the
matrices, while the redisplay would run in another thread, write-locking
those same matrices.


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