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completion discrepancy between default completion and helm/ivy completio

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: completion discrepancy between default completion and helm/ivy completions
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 12:22:42 +0100
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I'm tracking down a bug with org-contacts during completion, and I have
found the source to be a discrepancy between how default completion is
computed (using `completion-basic-try-completions') and how ivy/helm
completion is computed (using `completion-basic-all-completions').

In the first case, the result of the completion function is tested to be
a string, and tweaked if it is:

        (let ((completion (try-completion beforepoint table pred)))
          (if (not (stringp completion))
             (concat completion
                     (completion--merge-suffix completion point afterpoint))
             (length completion))))

In the all-completions case, there is no such test, so the completion is
returned as such.

In org-contacts, the completion is defined as a function that returns is
a string, so it works with default completion but not with ivy or helm.

I would like to fix org-contacts so that it works well all the time.
Should it directly return a cons of the string and its length?

Thanks a lot for any help, and if this is not the place to ask such
questions, please let me know the right list.



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