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Re: Are there non-mingw32 binaries for Windows?

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: Are there non-mingw32 binaries for Windows?
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 21:24:32 +0000
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Richard Copley <address@hidden> writes:
> Without wishing to confuse matters, there /is/ an Emacs that's
> "native to MSYS" and uses MSYS-style mounts, but it's a different
> beast. The MSYS package repository has three builds:
> mingw32/mingw-w64-i686-emacs 25.1-1
> mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-emacs 25.1-1
> msys/emacs 25.1-1
> The first two are native (to Windows) and are hardly patched from
> upstream. They're very similar to the official FSF builds for Windows.
> The third is "native to MSYS". Most people don't need it but it can
> come in handy if you spend time in MSYS.

I think for 25.2 I should change the name of the zip files on
ftp.gnu.org. The "mingw-w64" addition is not really necessary and might
well cause confusion.


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