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Re: Preview: portable dumper

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Preview: portable dumper
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 08:06:56 -0500
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> run.  With a non-PIC executable, you can do a pretty good job of that
> and get performance a bit better than unexec, in theory.

Got me curious: how/why could it be even better than unexec?

> Right --- I've tested on 64-bit only.  I imagine testing 32-bit and
> wide-int might reveal some latent bugs.

I'm not worried about that.

>>> functions pdumper.h --- but even so, it's within 100ms or so of an
>>> unexeced Emacs.
>> 0.1s will still lead to a noticeable slow down of bootstrap, but at
>> least it should be good enough for the usual end-user who doesn't run
>> Emacs in batch mode.
> Oh, of course.  But that's without any attention paid to
> optimization.  I'm sure it can go much faster.

Sure, but it's already fast enough to be usable.
[ Contrary to my dumped.elc, which is currently usable only for
  non-short-lived interactive sessions where you're willing to spend an
  extra second of startup.  ]

> Yeah --- then both approaches get into the problem of how to dump
> arbitrary object graphs, which in practice ends up being "dump the whole
> heap except for processes, windows, and frames."

But the dumped.elc approach has it much more difficult here because it
has to work within the scope of a predefined existing format.


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