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Please test the merge of the concurrency branch

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Please test the merge of the concurrency branch
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2016 16:45:22 +0200

I've pushed to the Emacs Git repository a new branch named
'test-concurrency'.  It's the result of merging the concurrency branch
with a week-old master, followed by fixing a few bugs I found (after
resolving the merge conflicts).

This is tested on Trisquel GNU/Linux (x86_64 build) and on MS-Windows
(x86 build with wide ints).  "Tested" here means that it builds,
passes the test suite as well as the master version on the same
machine, passes the new tests that test the concurrency features, and
the basic functionalities that are affected by the concurrency-related
changes -- subprocesses and networking -- work as well as they do on

The new concurrency features are not thoroughly tested, so I expect
bugs to be reported when people start using them seriously.  I don't
think that should preclude us from landing this on master, though, as
long as the "usual", a.k.a. "single-threaded" Emacs works as well as
the master branch.

I'd appreciate if people who can afford it checked out this branch and
tested it on their systems, to make the probability of bad problems,
which I estimate as low, to be even lower, and thus to avoid the
danger of breaking master too hard.

If no serious issues are uncovered, this will land on master by
tomorrow evening (UTC).

Last, but not least: many thanks to Tom for designing and implementing
this, and to Ken for past merges with master which made my merge job
much simpler.

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