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Re: CEDET Merge

From: Bastian Beischer
Subject: Re: CEDET Merge
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 21:10:14 +0100

Hey Edward,

On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 8:32 PM, Edward John Steere
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I've been working on a branch in upstream CEDET which brings it up to
> date with the changes which have been made in Emacs core.  I started
> this work with the intention of simplifying the merge process from CEDET
> upstream into core so that users can benefit from improvements to CEDET
> more easily.  I found that the divergence between the two versions of
> CEDET has grown quite a bit and all of my work has been dedicated to
> getting it to run on Emacs master (26?).
> My branch now passes all of CEDETs tests when built against Emacs
> @512e988.  I'd like to get these changes synchronised with Emacs core
> and have my branch merged to upstream (i.e. CEDET on source forge).
> This could be the first step with the second being a repackaging of
> upstream so that it only contains the parts which are under active
> development and can be installed via ELPA.
> May I contribute my changes to a branch on the Savannah repository for
> review/commentary?  (If yes, then It'll take a little bit of time to
> merge the changes in my branch of CEDET back into Emacs core before I
> actually push them up.)

It's great to hear that you have been working on this. I'm also very
interested in getting CEDET upstream and CEDET in emacs synchronized
again. Please see also this bug report:


This also contains a patch for the emacs sources which I've come up
with half a year ago, but it's probably incomplete and even wrong in
places. But maybe we can compare what we did.

Do you have a git repository cloned from CEDET upstream which contains
your work somewhere? Or did you start by modifying the built-in CEDET
in emacs?

> Kind regards,
> Edward Steere


Bastian Beischer
RWTH Aachen University of Technology

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