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Re: Anaphoric macros: increase visibility

From: Dmitri Paduchikh
Subject: Re: Anaphoric macros: increase visibility
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 15:15:47 +0500
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Tino Calancha <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Sat, 14 Jan 2017, Dmitri Paduchikh wrote:

>>Comparing if-it, when-it with if-let, when-let, it seems
>>clear that they represent different tradeoffs of simplicity vs. flexibility.

> Do we need to choose?  We could have defined both kinds of anaphoric
> macros.

I am not disagree with that. Just wanted to note that existing names of
anaphoric macros are not best ones.


> Although I prefer your names, i.e., if-it than aif, it might be argued that
> there are historical reasons in favour of the latter.

Well, aif, awhen are at least more discoverable through C-h f aif for those
who used to these names. They can be aliases.

With best regards
Dmitri Paduchikh

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