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Proposal: alias `clear-buffer` to `erase-buffer`

From: Tianxiang Xiong
Subject: Proposal: alias `clear-buffer` to `erase-buffer`
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 11:41:50 -0800

The `erase-buffer` function is the only function that "clears" data, but begins with the word "erase". This makes it difficult to discover for new users.

The most widely used term seems to be "clear" instead of "erase". See: 

- `clear-string`
- `clear-rectangle`
- `clear-abbrev-table`

and more.

`erase-buffer` should be called `clear-buffer`. We can create an alias in `subr.el` and mark `erase-buffer` as deprecated, though it'll never be safe to remove due to the amount of code that uses it.

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