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Tramp as ELPA package (was: Patch for Emacs 25.2)

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Tramp as ELPA package (was: Patch for Emacs 25.2)
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 15:01:56 +0100
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[Adding address@hidden

Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Michael,

Hi Stefan,

> What do you think about making a GNU ELPA package for Tramp out of
> Emacs's code.
> I.e. adding something like
>     ("tramp" :core ("lisp/net/tramp.el" "lisp/net/tramp-sh.el" ...))
> to elpa.git's externals-list.
> The idea would be to use this as a replacement for your
> separately-distributed Tramp package.  I guess, at first you'd still
> distribute your package as well, but having it automatically available
> as a GNU ELPA package should make this need disappear fairly quickly,
> I think (at least as long as the code in emacs.git is the same as the
> one you distribute separately).

I thought already about, but there wasn't enough energy to do it
yet. Maybe I shall play with what you have proposed. Be warned, I will
ask you when I'm blocked :-)

First question: I dislike, that I have to manage *.info files as git
objects in ELPA. Doesn't exist there a mean to produce them from the
sources automatically, when a package is released?

Second question: Tramp produces a web page from its tramp.texi, see
<https://www.gnu.org/software/tramp/>. It's often used as reference. How
could one produce it for an ELPA package?

>         Stefan

Best regards, Michael.

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