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Re: CEDET Merge

From: Edward John Steere
Subject: Re: CEDET Merge
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 21:55:23 +0200
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Hi Eli,

> Did you try deleting loaddefs.el and running "make maintainer-clean"
> before bootstrap?

I did, but to be sure I just did a fresh copy across and ran:
"make maintainer-clean && make bootstrap" and it failed again with the
same error.

> If you did, and the problem persists, please show the offending parts
> on loaddefs.el which trigger these errors.

Here are the offenders for the first error (they come from a new module
in Cedet called cogre):

;;;### (autoloads nil "cogre" "cedet/cogre.el" (0 0 0 0))
;;; Generated autoloads from cedet/cogre.el

(eieio-defclass-autoload 'cogre-graph-element '(eieio-named) "cogre" "A Graph 
Element.\nGraph elements are anything that is drawn into a 
`cogre-base-graph'.\nGraph elements have a method for marking themselves 

(eieio-defclass-autoload 'cogre-base-graph '(eieio-persistent) "cogre" "A 
Connected Graph.\na connected graph contains a series of nodes and links which 
are\nrendered in a buffer, or serialized to disk.")

(eieio-defclass-autoload 'cogre-node '(cogre-graph-element) "cogre" "Connected 
Graph node.\nNodes are regions with a fill color, and some amount of text 
representing\na status, or values.")

(eieio-defclass-autoload 'cogre-link '(cogre-graph-element) "cogre" "Connected 
Graph link.\nLinks are lines drawn between two nodes, or possibly loose in 
space\nas an intermediate step.  Some links have text describing what they\ndo, 
and most links have special markers on one end or another, such as\narrows or 

(eieio-defclass-autoload 'cogre-arrow '(cogre-link) "cogre" "This type of link 
is a simple arrow.")

Here are the second offenders (they come from support for compdb and ninja):

(ede-add-project-autoload (ede-project-autoload :name "Compilation DB" :file 
'ede/compdb :proj-file "compile_commands.json" :load-type 
'ede-compdb-load-project :class-sym 'ede-compdb-project))

(ede-add-project-autoload (ede-project-autoload :name "Ninja" :file 'ede/compdb 
:proj-file "build.ninja" :load-type 'ede-ninja-load-project :class-sym 

I can't find any reference to the jka variable in loaddefs.

Kind regards,

Edward Steere

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