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64 bit emacs 25.1 on AIX

From: Perry Smith
Subject: 64 bit emacs 25.1 on AIX
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2017 13:29:40 -0600


I’m trying to build emacs 25.1 using gcc 4.5.2 in 64 bit mode.  I have gotten 
to the point that temacs is created.  It does not dump (or unexec) but that is 
something I was hoping I could work on when I have time.

What I’d like to do for a temporary measure is just use temacs.  It does load 
up a bunch of stuff but I tend to just keep my emacs running so the time 
penalty isn’t really a big deal to me.

The first stumbling block was I needed to change PATH_DUMPLOADSEARCH.  I did 

Now, I’ve discovered that loadup.el sets exec-path to nil.

Rather than track down and figure out all these things, I thought I would just 
ask: “what is the recommended way to use temacs rather than the preloaded 

Thank you,
Perry Smith

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