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Re: Sync up the org in emacs master to org maint branch?

From: Edward John Steere
Subject: Re: Sync up the org in emacs master to org maint branch?
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 20:51:19 +0200
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> DE> This is a misunderstanding. I said I wanted to move support for certain
> DE> languages and project types into ELPA, not CEDET core. I'm still of the
> DE> opinion that moving it completely to ELPA is a mistake.
> It would only be a mistake if other parts of core need to use it. If only
> users make use of it, then having it ELPA will be invisible to them.

Apologies in advance for the significant verbage.

I just want to provide context.

* Context regarding CEDET:
(apologies: I know this thread is more concerned with org mode and, if
you'll bare with me, I think that this is relevant.)

I started the CEDET merge process a few months ago.  There was talk on
the CEDET mailing list regarding the difficulty of getting going with
CEDET as a user and/or a developer.  One of the ideas put forward was
that there ought to be a merge into Emacs so that one wouldn't have to
clone the repo, build the code and install it with some ELisp
config. hacking.

I got in touch with Eric directly and bounced some ideas passed him.
Subsequently I volunteered to help with the merge.  I got in touch with
JohnW and (not being very familiar with Emacs development) asked some
basic questions about how to go about accomplishing the merge.  What
resulted instead was the idea that we should try to look at streamlining
how CEDET get's included with the Emacs tarball rather than having it
live in two repositories.  I agreed with the idea and got to work on
getting a version of CEDET together which would work with 26.  I merged
in the Emacs -> CEDET direction and ended up with a version of CEDET
which is a WIP and works with Emacs 26.

Some time passed between then and the start of the discussions here.  I
think that the approach has evolved past what I was originally planning
on working towards and is now something along the lines of: do a final
merge of core CEDET components and make the rest into a series of ELPA

* What I think that we shouldn't lose sight of (if I may suggest it): is
that packaging CEDET, Org Mode and other packages like them in a process
which integrates them only when producing the tarball would serve to
simplify things for everyone.  Emacs core wouldn't be able to depend on
packages which are more relevant to the users (and package developers)
of Emacs, but these packages would still there like they always have
been when one downloads binary Emacs.

I'm new around here and I know that I lack the context and experience in
this project to make such swooping suggestions or judge the validity of
these points, but I thought that they would be worth raising.

Kind regards,

Edward Steere

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