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Re: PATCH: iso-cvt.elL: add \textquestiondown ¿

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: PATCH: iso-cvt.elL: add \textquestiondown ¿
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 17:57:29 -0500
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> But I thought iso-cvt.el is for converting 7bit strings in (La)TeX
> files, to latin-1, utf8 or whatever

Actually, it converts to "Emacs characters" (i.e. an internal
representation).  So it's not specifically latin-1 nor utf-8, tho it was
originally mostly aimed at converting those characters covered by latin-1.

> while the quail stuff is independent that and for input only, at least
> I cannot see any conversion function in latin-ltx.

Indeed, they don't do the same thing.

> So if I understand you correctly you would like to merge iso-cvt.el with
> quail-ltx.el?  So that one would end up only with one translation table
> and then either input functionality or conversion functionality.

I'm not sure if merging the two would really be the best option, but at
least have them share a table, so improvements to one carry over to the other.

> Do I understand that correctly? But I don't think that it would be
> helpful that \textquestiondown would be expanded to ¿ while typing.

It wouldn't hurt either.


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