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Re: request to reconsider libnettle/libhogweed

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: request to reconsider libnettle/libhogweed
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:19:20 -0500
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>   Emacs. Instead all the comments have been that it's a hard problem and
>   the Emacs developers would rather not deal with it.  Where the comments
>   have suggested a solution, it has been "let them run make" which
>   rhymes with "let them eat cake."

Hmm... I'm sorry if that's how I'm coming across.  But that's really not
my intention.  Instead, what I mean is:
- I don't personally know exactly what is needed (I have some vague
  idea, but details matter here).
- We probably want to have a solution *now* and that basically means
  using something like the eval-when-compile+make hack.

But indeed, it looks like the new maintainers, being OK with adding
GSSAPI in the core, will be OK with adding random other libs to the
core, so the pressure to improve the dynload module infrastructure will
be low.


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