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Re: Build failure on Windows

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Build failure on Windows
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2017 10:45:16 +0100

>> I need an optimized build for coding and non-optimized one for
>> debugging.  How else could I reconcile these?
> I didn't mean to suggest you should build from inside the tree, just
> to explain why I might miss problems that you are bumping into.

After all nt/INSTALL says

  1. If you want to build Emacs outside of the source tree
     (recommended), create the build directory and chdir there.

Maybe we should remove that recommendation?

> Are the failures always with outdated Lisp files?  Or are they due to
> other aspects of the build?

I had three typical groups of failures (some of them also on GNU/Linux

- The "require cl-lib" ones - by far the largest group and by far the
  greatest annoyance.  Do we really need cl-lib in preloaded Elisp?  OK,
  this ship sailed long ago ...

- More specific cl-generic.el related errors.  IIRC usually something
  about cl-defgeneric but I don't recall the precise text any more.
  probably a subgroup of the first one.

- Something I certainly never saw before about invalid bytecode.

I also had errors I couldn't attribute to any of these groups like the
"autoload pcase while preparing to dump" failure.  Anyway, these too
seem to indicate that the dumped emacs fails due to some missing
recompilation.  Hence "outdated Lisp files" probably constitute the
major source of my problems.

Also, failures occurred only when a configure step was performed before
(which is probably obvious).  Pure makes never failed.


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