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etags failing with structure members

From: martin rudalics
Subject: etags failing with structure members
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 08:54:55 +0100

An excerpt of the contents of my src/TAGS file after scanning the
`frame' structure with current master:

  bool_bf mouse_moved 297,10416
  bool_bf pointer_invisible 300,10495
  bool_bf frozen_window_starts 304,10651
  ENUM_BF 309,10870
  union output_data445,15670
    struct tty_output *tty;tty447,15694
    struct x_output *x;x448,15750
    struct w32_output *w32;w32449,15803
    struct ns_output *ns;ns450,15858
    intptr_t nothing;451,15912

All taggable entries between

  ENUM_BF (output_method) output_method : 3;

  /* See FULLSCREEN_ enum on top.  */
  ENUM_BF (fullscreen_type) want_fullscreen : 4;

  /* If not vertical_scroll_bar_none, we should actually
     display the scroll bars of this type on this frame.  */
  ENUM_BF (vertical_scroll_bar_type) vertical_scroll_bar_type : 2;

  /* Nonzero if we should actually display horizontal scroll bars on this 
frame.  */
  bool_bf horizontal_scroll_bars : 1;


  /* Canonical X unit.  Width of default font, in pixels.  */
  int column_width;

  /* Canonical Y unit.  Height of a line, in pixels.  */
  int line_height;

  /* The terminal device that this frame uses.  If this is NULL, then
     the frame has been deleted.  */
  struct terminal *terminal;

are missing.


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