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[ELPA] I regret using subtree (was: debbugs tracker builds character)

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: [ELPA] I regret using subtree (was: debbugs tracker builds character)
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 17:22:37 -0700
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Okay, I officially regret having used the subtree approach to squash
Gnorb into Elpa, and if at all possible I would like to abandon this and
move to just working in the Elpa tree.

Do I have to do anything magic? My understanding of the `git subtree'
command is that it isn't actually a "real" command, it's just some
behind-the-scenes jiggery-pokery with merge and cherry-pick and
read-tree. Ie, I should just be able to declare "I'm done with this" and
carry on making commits directly into Elpa. Is that correct?

The only thing I'll regret is the github issue tracker, and for that
reason I'm tacking this on to a thread from last year, about making
`report-emacs-bug' collect package information before sending a bug
report, and cc'ing maintainers. I still think this is a good idea, and I
think my patch, if not ideal, is good enough, so I'm reviving it. What
say you all?


> Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:
>>> We can either "go big" (use features), or "go small" (manually
>>> package-initialize, then use package-alist). Would you make an executive
>>> decision, and I'll patch?
>> Your guess is as good as mine,
> Fair enough! I choose the conservative route: here's a patch that just
> works on package-alist. If anyone complains, it will be easy enough to
> expand later.

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