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Re: Imenu for cobol-mode

From: Joakim Jalap
Subject: Re: Imenu for cobol-mode
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 08:56:46 +0100
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Edward Hart <address@hidden> writes:

> HI Joakim,

Hi again :)

> Sorry for not getting back to you sooner (my problem sheets have
> become quite difficult this term).

No problem at all :)

> The peek and goto features work very well. I also appreciate the extra
> code comments.

Well the peek and goto functions are somewhat dirty hacks, the real
solution there would be to use xref. But would you like to keep them in anyway?

>>  So now the procedure division itself gets an entry under "PROCEDURE 
>> DIVISION" or "$subprogram_name PD" with the name of the subprogram/function. 
>> WDYT?
> I think "PD header" would be a good name.

OK. "PD header" or "PD HEADER"?

> I noticed you added (require 'seq) to the file. What do you use the
> library for? It would be nice to avoid having dependencies.

Just for seq-find in cobol--find-definition. I just got confused by the
many different ways to find something in a list, and seq-find seemed
like the simplest option. I could use something else.

> I've found one extra bug: the functions don't index index-names. Their
> declaration is of the form "INDEXED \\(BY\\)? (\w+)". It won't be
> possible to merge it with the generic declaration regexp, since the
> INDEXED clause often appears at the ends of lines, within another
> item's declaration.

Right, I will get to work on this :)

-- Jocke

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