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From: Paul Pogonyshev
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2017 17:48:13 +0100

>>> Have you tried to measure the impact of your patch on the actual problem?
>> I mentioned 3%.
>That's the percentage impact on the number of lambdas.  I'm curious
>about its impact on actual problematic aspects, such as speed and code
>size (and compilation time, I guess).
>> Yes, it is practically negligible, but this is a first small patch and
>> I'm willing to work on improving generators further.
>Of course.

Actually, forget it. It's too complicated to jump through all the hoops here.

I would just be glad if someone applied the patch from bug 26068. It's a
fix, not an optimization, and there is example of a form, evaluation of
which it fixes.

And if you reply, *please*, keep me on CC, otherwise I won't see your


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