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Re: HowTo: Detect when a frame's size changes

From: T.V Raman
Subject: Re: HowTo: Detect when a frame's size changes
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 10:32:54 -0700

Thanks Martin!

frame-size-changed-p would be nice --- Basically I was writing myself
some code in Emacspeak so it would cue me via sounds to the position
of the current window relative to the overall layout.

I wrote myself this function: -- and was looking to see if I could
avoid some of the computes by cacheing values --- though for now it
doesn't look like the code I have is sufficiently inefficient to
deserve cacheing.

(sox-multiwindow ...) used below uses SoX to produce a short tone, and
the tone's pitch and left/right pan get paramaeterized  appropriately 

(defun emacspeak--sox-multiwindow (corners)
  "Takes `window-edges' and plays a sound cue based on position of current 
window with respect to
the overall window layout."
      ((tr 0)
       (mr (/ (frame-height) 2))
       (br (1- (frame-height)))
       (lc 0)
       (mc (/ (frame-width) 2))
       (rc (frame-width)))
     ((equal corners `(,lc ,tr ,mc ,br))
     ((equal corners `(,mc ,tr ,rc, br))
      (sox-multiwindow 'swap)
     ((equal corners `(,lc ,tr ,rc ,mr))
      (sox-multiwindow  nil 2)
     ((equal corners `(,lc ,mr ,rc ,br))
      (sox-multiwindow nil 1.3)
     ((equal corners `(,lc ,tr ,mc ,mr)) 
      (sox-multiwindow nil 2.5)
     ((equal corners `(,mc ,tr ,rc ,mr))
      (sox-multiwindow t 2.5)
     ((equal corners `(,lc ,mr ,mc ,br))
      (sox-multiwindow nil 0.9)
     ((equal corners `(,mc ,mr ,rc ,br))
      (sox-multiwindow 'swap 0.9)
     (t ""))))

martin rudalics writes:
 >  > Thanks! will try that
 > Hmmm... rather not.  You will still get false positives when the
 > minibuffer window is resized.  For the moment stick to my earlier
 > proposal: When you run your ‘window-size-change-functions’ function
 > remember the old values of ‘frame-pixel-width’ and ‘frame-pixel-height’
 > (maybe in a frame parameter) and the next time you run it compare them
 > with the current values.
 > I will fix that soon probably by providing a ‘frame-size-changed-p’
 > function that you can use during ‘window-size-change-functions’.
 > Providing a separate ‘frame-size-change-functions’ hook would be also
 > possible but the interaction of these could be tricky.
 > martin



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