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Emacs, MSYS2 bash and term mode

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: Emacs, MSYS2 bash and term mode
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 12:02:03 +0200

Hi lists,

Currently, it seems that no terminal emulator runs the msys2 bash under a mingw64 emacs.
I am reporting against emacs 25.2.
My findings up to now :
- "/bin/sh" is hardwired in lisp/term.el whereas the full windows path to bash.exe has to be given in term-exec-1
- the command that is run in term-exec-1 is built by :
    (apply 'start-process name buffer
           (getenv "SHELL") "-c"
  (format "stty -nl echo rows %d columns %d sane 2>/dev/null;\
if [ $1 = .. ]; then shift; fi; exec \"address@hidden""
  term-height term-width)
  command "-i" switches)))

I had to add the "-i" option to bash.exe, else bash won't communicate with emacs

- the stty seems to be ignored by bash, anyway the buffer doesn't get proper cr
- term.el tries to track the current directory and calls the cd function with msys2 paths. This obviously fails because emacs being mingw64 emacs expects windows paths.

Did anybody manage to run term.el with the msys2 bash from a windows emacs ?

Thanks for your help,


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