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Re: [ELPA] Update package: psgml

From: Lucien Pullen
Subject: Re: [ELPA] Update package: psgml
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 01:39:00 -0600
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Also sprach Stefan Monnier on 2017-04-17:
> Could you give some further details about the context where you bumped
> into the problem?

I'm doing a lot of DSSSL at the moment, and I wanted the SGML editor
commands to work in DSSSL mode.  With sgml-set-face turned on for
editing SGML structure, doing something like sgml-insert-element
fontifies for SGML up to point instead of fontifying for lisp because
PSGML fontifies as it parses the buffer to figure out the current

> Hmm.. I like the goal, but I don't like lists of major-modes.
> Any reason why you couldn't set sgml-set-face to nil buffer-locally instead?

I actually wanted it to be mode-local, which emacs doesn't really do,
hence the list of major modes.  When in an SGML mode for editing markup,
I want the SGML to be fontified; when in some other mode for editing
notation data, I want that major mode's font locking to take place.

I can set sgml-set-face in a hook for sgml-mode, but then I have to
unset it if I want to edit in the other mode.  I figured a single list
of modes where SGML should be fontified would be easier to keep track of
than a slue of mode hooks.

I looked into indirect buffers, but this seems more intuitive.

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