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Re: [RFC] Gnus generalized search, part II

From: Andrew Cohen
Subject: Re: [RFC] Gnus generalized search, part II
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 12:41:53 +0800
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Hi Eric:

I noticed you have eliminated the 'shortcut option in nnir. This was
important functionality which should probably be restored (stopping
after the first match rather than finding all matches). For example its
used in article referral (when the referral methods include 'nnir) where
we are just trying to find a particular message-id.

I originally implemented this as part of the criteria in the search
query. Since these are going away in the universal search form the
shortcut implementation will be different. Maybe just include another
search term, like "?:" and "*:" for match-one and match-any, with "*:"
the default?

And on the long list of things that would be nice: when inputting the
universal query string TAB should complete on the preset search keys.
If I want to search for an author the current nnir allows this with only
a few keystrokes: C-u G G; "author-name" RET; f TAB; RET. gnus-search
should allow something similar.


(Who is beginning to think that you and I are the only two who will ever
use this new stuff).

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