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Re: i18n - Revisited

From: Fernando Botelho
Subject: Re: i18n - Revisited
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:56:54 -0300
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Thanks Jean-Christophe and Paul for your responses.

It is good to know that the i18n process is on-going. Is this "more languages group" operational via e-mail list? how can I join?

I want to ask questions like:

Are there plans for l10n of the interface strings and command names, or is this postponed for now because of complexity?

For areas where l10n is already happening, where can I join the effort, i.e. are there web interfaces where strings are shown and translations entered, or gettext/.POT files on a git repository somewhere?

Are there "how to" guides for non-technical translators who want to help?

I suspect many of my questions are too basic and may irritate people on this list.



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