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Re: i18n - Revisited

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: Re: i18n - Revisited
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 00:07:13 +0900

> On Apr 27, 2017, at 21:56, Fernando Botelho <address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks Jean-Christophe and Paul for your responses.
> It is good to know that the i18n process is on-going. Is this "more languages 
> group" operational via e-mail list? how can I join?

If that's a question related to my answer, I have no idea :) I know about the 
French group that handles GNU programs, but I don't know if such groups exist 
in other languages.

> Are there plans for l10n of the interface strings and command names, or is 
> this postponed for now because of complexity?

I participated to a discussion here about that a few years ago and the answer I 
got was "people who use emacs know English (or should) so there is no need for 
l10n in the UI"...

> For areas where l10n is already happening, where can I join the effort, i.e. 
> are there web interfaces where strings are shown and translations entered, or 
> gettext/.POT files on a git repository somewhere?

As far as I can tell, this is *not* happening. You should focus on translating 
documentation first, the Elisp reference, the Emacs manual, etc. Use po4a to 
get PO files from the texi sources and then use the process you prefer to 
translate that. I personally have created a collaborative translation project 
for the elisp reference, using OmegaT as the client. It is not progressing 
super fast because I'm the only one working on it. If you want to check it it's 


If you don't know how to use OmegaT, it won't be of much help though. OmegaT is 
a free translation tool for professional translators.

> Are there "how to" guides for non-technical translators who want to help?

The problem with "non technical" translators is that then need to be minimally 
technical to at least understand emacs. I really don't suggest you get the 
stuff translated by people who don't at least have a minimal knowledge of emacs.


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