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Re: Smie-auto-fill doesn’t respect comment-auto-fill-only-comments

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Smie-auto-fill doesn’t respect comment-auto-fill-only-comments
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2017 10:52:26 -0600
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>>>>> "Nikolai" == Nikolai Weibull <address@hidden> writes:

Nikolai> Smie-auto-fill doesn’t respect comment-auto-fill-only-comments.  I’m
Nikolai> not quite sure whether it actually should, but the issue I’m having is
Nikolai> that auto-fill is being applied in sh-mode, even though I have
Nikolai> comment-auto-fill-only-comments.

I recently noticed this for other programming modes, like js-mode.
I wasn't sure if this is some recent(-ish) change or if I just never
happened to notice it before somehow.

Anyway, I'm trying out the appended, which I'd like to push in.

This won't fix the SMIE issue though.  That would require a similar fix
in smie-auto-fill.

Or maybe this should just be done directly in do-auto-fill itself?


diff --git a/lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el b/lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el
index 8f66f1c..b5bb637 100644
--- a/lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el
+++ b/lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el
@@ -129,6 +129,11 @@ prog-widen
         (narrow-to-region (car chunk) (or (cdr chunk) (point-max)))
+(defun prog-mode-do-auto-fill ()
+  "Like `do-auto-fill' but respect `comment-auto-fill-only-comments'."
+  (when (or (not comment-auto-fill-only-comments)
+            (nth 4 (syntax-ppss)))
+    (do-auto-fill)))
 (defvar-local prettify-symbols-alist nil
   "Alist of symbol prettifications.
@@ -293,6 +298,7 @@ prog-mode
   "Major mode for editing programming language source code."
   (setq-local require-final-newline mode-require-final-newline)
   (setq-local parse-sexp-ignore-comments t)
+  (setq-local normal-auto-fill-function #'prog-mode-do-auto-fill)
   ;; Any programming language is always written left to right.
   (setq bidi-paragraph-direction 'left-to-right))

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