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Re: Should we land Lisp reader optimizations?

From: michael schuldt
Subject: Re: Should we land Lisp reader optimizations?
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 19:56:06 -0700

I was actually only thinking about disabling it while reading the big .elc file, not all the time.

But in either case Ken seems to make it clear that it does not really matter -
GC overhead is small when reading normal files and already minimized for the big .elc read

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 6:58 PM, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:
  > Since the time spent in GC appears so significant, why not disable GC while
  > reading?

That could bloat the total memory size of Emacs, with garbage scattered among
the actually used memory so that no entire blocks could be freed.

Is this scattered memory ever compacted?
I've had times where Emacs refuses to let go of massive amounts of seemingly unused
memory, despite forced GCs. Maybe this was the problem

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